Robot-like insects and insect-like robots are the stuff of science fiction and science fact.

Often in science fiction, insects are frequently featured as robotic critters.  There are many examples in TV, movies, video games, comic books, even on album covers.  From Cronos to The Golden Compass, the insect/robot archetype has been used, re-used and re-imagined countless times.

Both biologists and engineers look to insect movement, design and social behavior to inspire new technology and applications.  Some of the most advanced aircraft is smaller than a dragonfly, and NASA scientists are making walking rovers and “swarm theory” probes for planetary exploration.  Technology is finding that the most efficient design features comes from natural systems.

Over time and ironically, this technology closely resembles the musings of science fiction.

This hybridization of  from both fields, is where Insect Lab borrows from.  Insect Lab celebrates these correspondences and contradictions.  The work does not intend to function, but playfully and slyly insists that it possibly could.

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